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Materials Testing

Soil-Mat provides a wide range of services during construction and operates a material lab that is maintained to the current industry standards. Once construction is underway, our extensive experience and innovative thinking allows us to help our clients deal with challenges in a practical, hands-on manner to keep their project on track and to verify that the construction meets the project specifications. Soil-Mat provides a wide range of services including:


  • Soils testing:
    • Grain size analyses, sieve and hydrometer
    • Proctor testing
    • Atterberg limits
    • Hydraulic Conductivity [permeability]
    • Consolidation testing
  • Concrete testing:
    • CSA Level 1 Concrete Testing Laboratory
    • Compressive strength testing of concrete, mortar, grout and rock
    • Rapid Chloride Penetration
    • Linear Shrinkage